Elite Living Africa — Art of the Scarf

sarah grace london in elite living africa front cover and article

Designer Sarah Grace tells Elite Living Africa the story of how she was able to change her own destiny, turning her passion for art and fashion into a unique scarf business. Words by Georgia Lewis ondon designer Sarah Grace has … Read More

Testimonial from Adele

“Of all my Sarah Grace scarves, my silk crepe satin one is my favourite. Colourful, chic, versatile… perfect.” Adele

Testimonial from Becky

“I am absolutely delighted with my Sarah Grace scarf. It’s absolutely stunning and adds a touch of glamour to my outfits.” Becky

Testimonial from Aisha

“I have three Sarah Grace scarves… each a different shape and size. They’re truly beautiful, vibrant and elegant. I love the fact the different shapes and sizes transform my outfits into something unique… creating a new look every time.” Aisha