The Branding of Sarah Grace

My story

After studying Interior and Spatial design at Chelsea College of Art and Design University of the Arts London, I went travelling… mainly to Asia and the far east; Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Japan.

I found the art in Japan to be absolutely fascinating. One technique in particular—that of marbling—really intrigued me. In Japan, this technique is called Suminagashi which means ‘floating ink’.

I returned home to work with prestigious companies in luxury events and wedding planning. It was a great experience that gave me a grounding and insight into business. But I knew this was not to be a long term career choice… because…

As well as art, I have a passion for fine clothes.

Even during my travels, I’d thought “These passions can be combined. I can use my artistic gifts to design and produce wearable art on silk scarves.” But how do you transfer unique pieces of art onto silk scarves? I could see the finished result but not how to achieve it.

Then I recalled the Japanese Suminagashi technique being produced on fabric. Better than that. I remembered it being used on silk. It was then that I knew… this was the technique that I wanted to use.

I researched the process of marbling. I was inspired. This ancient floating ink technique was the medium I wanted to work with. But in a way that I could modify with a modern twist.

This was definitely a business opportunity open to me. And if I wanted to follow my passion, it was up to me to learn about and understand the business world, beyond what I’d already learnt as an employee. But there were a few hurdles to clear if I wanted to be successful.

Firstly, I got a full time job with a finance banking company. This helped me learn about accounts. And as a bonus, it meant I could invest in setting up my business… working with manufacturers and learning about different silks and fabrics.

Secondly, I enrolled on a government backed course based at Somerset House. Its objective – “to help those who dream of turning their part-time hobbies, market-stall businesses or freelance work into a full-time, profitable business.” And so…


It was true to its word. With the course finished I was inspired, motivated and equipped to enter the business world. Leaving me with one last hurdle to clear before launching my business… a lack of confidence in my own name. But now, thanks to my course mentor and my website designer I’ve gained that confidence. They’ve convinced me that my name is my brand.

So there you have it. Sarah Grace is ready to launch into the business world. Well, almost…


I feel privileged and lucky enough to be blessed with artistic talent. And to be able to turn this talent into a business. In thanks for this I want to give back to those less fortunate than myself in my local community. So, from the outset Sarah Grace London is supporting The Marylebone Project. The project provides long and short term beds, essential facilities and support to homeless women.

For me, to see women wearing a luxury Sarah Grace scarf will be a dream come true. I’ll know that my business is a force for the good in the local community.


“When I’m with you, I’m standing with an army”