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Where abstract art meets high fashion


Abstract art ~ high fashion

London based artist and designer Sarah Grace’s silk prints evolve from a painting technique whose history can be traced back to the Turkish art called Ebru and, even further to Japan, where the art is called Suminagashi… literally, “floating ink” (墨 流 し).

The infinite possibilities of floating ink painting means every one of Sarah’s designs is unique. These unique designs are taken through a state of the art process to create flamboyantly bold and colourful wearable art in the form of luxurious silk scarves.

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A lightweight silk chiffon scarf in lovely Shinko print

Captivate with confidence… drape yourself in a boldly vivid and vibrant Sarah Grace classic.

Suminagashi (墨流し), meaning “floating ink”, is the process of marbling plain paper with water and ink to transform it into something vibrant and colourful.

Captivate with confidence



A soft silk twill scarf in beautiful Bitoku print

Timeless and unique… Sarah Grace’s floating ink silk scarves for the woman who’s happy to celebrate exclusive luxury.

Stunning one-off floating ink paintings are created in Sarah Grace’s London studio before being transformed into breathtaking wearable works of art through a ground breaking cutting edge printing process.

Emanate with exclusivity



A lustrous crepe satin scarf in Chishiki print

Where art and fashion meet… grace and elegance effortlessly accentuated with a classic and timeless masterpiece.

Sarah Grace (London) silk scarves. Wearable works of art, entirely British made. Classic hand rolled hems. Quality guaranteed. Available in a different lengths and widths as well as the traditional 90 x 90 cm.

Accentuate with grace

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